Dinner Menu 5pm to 10 pm

Roasted cauliflower
with Romaine lettuce and gorganzola vinaigrette
8,50 €

Lukewarm salad of BBQ Ribs
with pineapple and corn

11,50 €

Tatar and Sashimi of salmon
with mango, ginger and wakame
14,50 €

Glazed liver of duck
with pomegranate vinegar and pear-rocket salad

12,50 €

Soups and middle Courses 

Cream soup of tomatoes
with ginger
7,50 €

Foam of White beans
with spanish chorizo
8,50 €

Fried blackpudding
with stewed apples and potato fritters
10,50 €

Fried zander
with Original 'Berlin' Sauerkraut and potato-buttermil puree
19,50 €

Slice of salmon
with cardamon-sherry Sauce and spinach-onion-ravioli
24,00 €

Prawns roasted on a split
with smoky oil nd Dashi Spaghettini
22,50 €

Escalope of veal with fried potatoes
big / 18,50 €
small / 13,50 €

Fried pig´s trotter
with mustard, mashed potatoes with Bacon and pointed cabbage
17,00 €

ARg. rump Steak
with whisky-pepper Sauce and oven vegetables 'provencal'

Braised cheek of ox
with octopus-chianti Sauce and gnocchi

Raspberry sorbet with german sparkling wine
8,50 €

Creme Brûlée, Mousse au chocolate and almond ice cream
with Bailey Sauce
10,50 €

Half liquid valhrona chocolate cake
with Baby oranges and Vanilla ice cream
11,00 €

Goat cheese
with wild flowers 'au gratin' and bell pepper chutney
11,00 €